Amalgam Lamps

All lamps manufactured by Arklite are from quartz tube in all three different versions: Regular, High Output (HO) and Amalgam, in both non-ozone forming as well as in ozone forming versions. Efficacy of conversion of electrical energy into UVC is around 33%, with Amalgam lamps it is as high as 40%. The biggest difference between them, from application point of view, is in terms of power densities: Regular one watt per inch, HO is 1.8 watt per inch and Amalgam could be anywhere from 3 – 13 watt per inch! Typical diameter of Regular and HO is 15 mm while that of Amalgam could be 15 -33 mm or even higher. While Amalgam lamps of up to 320 W have been commercialized, the 800W lamps will be developed shortly. With several repeat export orders of Arklite Amalgam lamps from USA and Europe and export of over 350,000 Regular and HO lamps all UV lamps manufactured by Arklite are truly of World