Floodlighting (MH) Lamps & System


Metal Halide lamps feature the best combination of color balance.
The unique characteristics of metal halide lighting provide high performance such as:
Long Life – Metal halide lamps have an average life of more than ten times that of incandescent.
Better Light Quality – The output of metal halide lamps is closer to natural sunlight than most other light sources.

Metal Halide Lamps

  • Double-Ended Compact Metal Halide
    Available in 70W to 250W with color temperature ranging from 3k-6k.
  • Single Ended Compact Metal Halide
    Available in 70W and 150W with color temperatures of 3k and 4k.

MBIL Lamps

These are energy efficient high lumen package, double-ended Metal Halide lamps that deliver light output of 80,000 to 2,15,000 lumens at 5200K and lumen per watt in the range of 80-100. These are tubular quartz arc tube without any outer jacket, dosed with NaI-ScI3. These lamps have rated life of 6000 hrs. These lamps offer precision in beam control of halogen lamps and high efficacy of Metal Halide lamps when used with suitable fixture.

The systems consists of light weight die-cast aluminum luminaire, ballast, ignitor and a suitable capacitor for power factor correction. Elliptical luminaires have a narrow beam while the rectangular luminaires gives a wider beam. Metal halide lamps do not have any UV blocking outer jacket and hence must be operated in closed luminaries. The lamp when used with these systems provide excellent optical control and high efficiencies as required in large area indoor and outdoor lighting projects

  • Sports / Stadia Lighting : Football, Cricket, Tennis Court, Golf Course etc.
  • Area Lighting: Constuction Sites, Open cast mines, Railway yards, Airports etc.