Germicidal Lamps


Arklite is the only quartz based UV lamp manufacturer in India. These UV quartz lamps are used world-wide for water, air & surface disinfection. We manufacture a wide range of low pressure UV lamps.


Our UV lamps are manufactured from high-quality quartz which permits over 90% of the UV energy generated to be transmitted through the lamp.
Our lamps are manufactured in 3 types:

Regular Lamps:
The regular lamps are available in various length and wattage.

Quartz UV lamps are therefore preferred for industrial and commercial applications

Instant start lamp

Germicidal lamps are instant starting and utilise a coil filament on each which operates hot. These germicidal lamps are extensilvey applied in Air Purification and duct systems. (Such as HVAC). These series of lamps must be used with instanteneous type of ballast.
Available in Non Ozone and Ozone forming Lamps.

Preheat Lamps

Preheat germicidal lamps are operated by a preheat start circuit. The preheat circuit requires four electrical connections per lamp and a slight to moderate delay is needed to start the lamp. These germicidal lamps are extensively applied in water treatment and surface sterilsation. These series of lamps must be used with Preheat type of ballast.
Available in Non Ozone and Ozone forming Lamps.

High Output UV Lamps

High Output (HO) germicidal UV lamps are similar in size and shape to conventional germicidal UV lamps but are capable of operating at higher power and current.
These lamps are specially designed to give higher UV output ( generally produce upto 70 % ) than conventional germicidal lamps.
These germicidal lamps can be applied to forced ai duct systems, water treatment. HO ozone generating lamps are often used in odor control and photochemical applications.
Available in Non Ozone and Ozone forming Lamps.

Lamp Length Range (mm) Wattage Range (W) Operating Life (Hours) Type Caps
UV Quartz Germicidal Lamp 212 to 1554 6 to 65 9000 *Non ozone forming 4 pin, Medium bipin, Mini bipin, Step jump, Pigtail
UV Quartz High Output lamp 436 to 1554 40 to 130 9000 * Non Ozone forming 4 pin, Medium pipin, Mini bipin, Step jump, Pigtail

* All the lamps are also available as ozone forming UV lamps

  • Water disinfection
  • Surface disinfection
  • Odour destruction
  • Waste water treatment
  • Air disinfection
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food and beverage
  • Packaged drinking water
  • Hospitals
  • Water treatment
  • Odour destruction: Food & STP
  • Laminar flow systems
  • Commercial complexes
  • Others