Practically all Pharma manufacturing units are centrally airconditioned on 24×7 basis. Since in an airconditioned space HVAC accounts for more than 50% energy consumption, even a modest size Pharma unit has a monthly power bill of Rs one crore a month! A 15% reduction in the energy bill by UV Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) of cooling coil is a very attractive option with a pay back period of less than 1.5 year. Besides energy conservation there is marked reduction in microbe count in the air and notable reduction in the HVAC maintenance cost.

There is another significant advantage for Pharma units. Since UVGI of cooling coils maintains the coil free of any mold, midew or any deposit there is no need of periodic cleaning of the coil and therefore no stoppage of HVAC system. This eliminates need to correct the differential pressure between different sections of the facility.
Thus UVGI of cooling coils is a very attractive proposition for Pharma units.