Amalgam Lamps


Arklite Speciality Lamps Pvt Ltd offers two types of low-pressure Amalgam lamps. These lamps have a special longlife coating that allows to run these lamps up to 12000 hrs. Amalgam lamps are specially designed lamps to give UV output upto 3 times more than standard germicidal lamps. These lamps can run over a wide range of temperature ranges from 4-40 deg. Cent. With consistent UV output.

High energy density makes them a perfect choice for very large installations of potable and waste water treatment plants.

Lamp Length Range (mm) Wattage Range (W) Operating Life (Hours) Wawe length Caps
UV Quartz Amalgam Lamp 842 to 1554 105 to 320 9000 254.7 nm 4 pin, Step jump

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Feature & Benefits
  • 253.7 nm UVC output
  • Long Life – Up to 9000 hours
  • Increased operating temperature range
  • High lamp efficiency
  • Industrial Water Treatment
  • Commercial Water Treatment
  • Sewage Treatment