Every Pharma unit requires high purity water and UV disinfection module is generally the very last step in the purification process. The level of purity of water required varies and some microbes like pseudomonas elimination is often challenging.  Arklite offers a disinfection systems, commercially known as DHC system, which guarantees complete removal of pseudomonas.

To meet the stringent requirements water quality and to comply with FDA demands many Pharma water UV disinfection modules have built in UV intensity monitoring device. The UV lamps in the systems are replaced by new ones either when the UV intensity falls below 80% of the specified value or when the lamp life reaches a specified limit, say 8,000 hours of burning. Selling Arklite lamps in such situation is relatively easy. When the lamp in the system is replaced by Arklite make lamp the UV intensity reading in the meter increases signficantly and that gives confidence to the buyer about the Arklite product quality.

Arklite made a sale of an amalgam to a Pharma unit of Jubilant Pharma & Chemical Lab in Ahemdabad using precisely the above methodology. By replacing the lamp in their water disinfection system by Arklite lamp resulted in marked increase in the UV intensity. The customer has no hesitation in buying Arklite lamp as it was offered at a price less than half of what it would cost the company if it purchasd from the OE supplier as a spare.