UV Curing & Graphic Art Lamps


Arklite Speciality Lamps Pvt Ltd is the biggest manufacturer of UV curing lamps and Metal Halide graphic art lamps in India. These UV curing lamps are used world-wide for the curing of inks and coatings. Graphic art lamps are used extensively in the printing industry for plate-making and other applications.


Arklite Speciality Lamps Pvt Ltd manufactures a range of medium pressure mercury arc lamps. These medium pressure mercury lamps are manufactured from high-quality quartz which permits over 90% of the UV energy generated to be transmitted through the lamp.
Graphic Art lamps besides mercury, contain 3 combinations of metal iodides:

  1. Mercury
  2. Gallium-Indium
  3. Iron-Cobalt-Thallium

These are Diazo lamps which emit strongly in 350nm – 450nm range.

Lamp Length Range Wattage Range UV Output
UV Curing Lamp 106-300mm 400-3000w 254-450nm
Graphic Art Lamp 168-243mm 1000-6500w 350-450nm

*For detailed product range – download the brochure

  • Copying with UV sensitive materials
  • Curing glue/resin
  • Polymerization of polyester
  • Plate-making
  • making (offset printing)
  • Curing lacquers/paint/ink
  • Diazo copying
  • Printed circuit boards exposure
  • Copy board lighting